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Production area

AXARQUILAND is a factory in all its senses. Each employee has a job within the company. In this section we are going to show you how it works in each of the production processes and departments.


It is the starting point of everything. It is made up on one hand by the commercial team and on the other by the computer equipment: 3D design and webmaster. Apart from this we have the commercial collaboration of external teams of installers, such as the one formed by Manolo Guardiola in the western part of Andalucia, for the eastern Andalusian area a team formed by Francisco Sánchez and for the Valencian Community a team formed by Manolo Palomares.

Another of the tasks is the 3D design and the maintenance of the web, social networks, web positioning and marketing of the company, integral work of Antonio Maldonado.

A company like AXARQUILAND that works internationally depends to a great extent on its work in the promotion of its products. It is extremely important that the work of this department is at the forefront year after year in the children's leisure sector. AXARQUILAND is updating constantly to  offer all the information that the sector is demanding.

This area is made up of several departments:

  1. Metal Workshop: Miguel Ballesteros

  2. Sewing workshop: Rosi Bustos and Bernadette Cusack

  3. Carpentry workshop: Bernadette Cusack and Carlos Rodríguez


The person in charge of coordinating all the groups and organizing the manufacturing process is Carlos Rodríguez. Carlos supervises the manufacturing and palletizing of orders received. Other responsiblities include, organizing and delagating tasks within the warehouse and ordering merchandise and weekly stock taking.


It is formed by the sales department, the administrative department (orders and invoicing) and the Gestoría, in charge of the ECON company with labour, accounting and legal advice.

The sales department is headed by Miguel Ángel Bustos. He is personally responsible for the direct sale of material and spare parts, replacement of items with manufacturing defects and management of orders and shipments

On the other hand, Miguel Ángel himself is in charge of the Administrative Department, which has the task of issuing budgets and proforma invoices to clients, official purchase invoices and collection and shipment management.

Currently the company  AXARQUILAND ESPACIOS INFANTILES has its own distributor for the Peninsula and associated companies for deliveries in Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands, Morocco and the Balearic Islands, including La Murciana. Carlos Buitiller is in charge of managing the deliveries for AXARQUILAND. Apart from this he works for  24/48 hour parcel delivery companies  SEUR and MRW. Every week a truck goes all over Spain, stopping at the points where a delivery is arranged, Carlos personally oversees every aspect of this job.

AXARQUILAND  collaborates with several teams of professional installers to offer customers who want to purchase the assembly service together with the playground.


We have several teams depending on the area:


Valencian Community

Eastern Andalusia

Western Andalusia

Canary Islands

Area of ​​Madrid





For the areas where we do not have a stable presence, the nearest group of installers travel, thus covering the demands throughout the national territory.


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