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Our clients

70% of our clients are small companies looking for economic alternatives to the excessive prices of the sector without resorting to a low quality imported park. This has been and is our job, to offer parks manufactured in Spain with all their certificates and homologations (UNE EN 1176-1177) by lowering our  prices to reduce margins, yet maintaining quality, we can compete with the distribution companies of import parks.

Rental premises and small play areas

AXARQUILAND ESPACIOS INFANTILES  was one of the first companies to develop parks for the so-called "Local Celebrations" or "Park rental per day" since 2008. There are more and more extended leisure centers whose activity is limited to renting the room for an event without any provision or service.

This type of premises usually have 100-120 m2 and the parks that we install in them do not usually exceed 18m2. They are mostly small parks, with capacity for about 30 children. On many occasions, apart from the park, a soccer field, a trampoline and a babypark are usually attached. This type of parks can be found in our section Gallery of Parks 7-18 m2.


Within this type of customer that only require  a small space  we also include Restaurants, bars and cafes. Customers may also want to include a library, toy area and nursery.  This type of client can expand their offer and include birthday celebrations for regular customers

Warehouse Projects

Another type of client are small and medium-sized companies whose projects are more ambitious. This type of projects are usually carried out in industrial estates or warehouses of more than 300m2 and the play areas are wider. These leisure centers are prepared to host several simultaneous celebrations and to cater for children, youth and sometimes family celebrations.

Axarquiland Espacios Infantiles has carried out many of these projects in different locations in Spain and Portugal. Apart from new projects we have undertaken reforms, extensions and maintenance of existing leisure centers.

There are parks that have large areas and different offers apart from the playground, including the famous Princess House, kart pedal area, bouncy castles, adventure area with large slides, zip lines and children's climbing wall. They usually have an area for younger children, activity room, snack room and a large room for adults and cafeteria and recreation area.


In these cases the projects are personalized and we work side by side on the design with the client. We design it to the space available and based on the total budget that each client has available.

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Each project is accompanied by an informative dossier of detailed budget, both of the products included and of the derived costs (transport, taxes and assembly), delivery times, payment method, regulations and certifications and company data. When we have the project defined, we will agree on the date on which the installation of the playing surface will take place.

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