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Small and medium parks  18 - 50 m2

These parks of between 18 and 50m2 are considered parks of medium dimensions. They are ideal for children's leisure centers of at least 150m2 or larger. There are complete packages that include a multi-sport courts, trampolines and an area for children between 0-3 years old and others that, even if they do not contain it, can be added. All the parks of the samples that we present here can be modified in full: measurements, inputs / outputs, colours, game accessories ... Contact us, tell us the measurements you have available: width x length x height and a commercial advisor will be put in contact with you to send you everything you need.


AXARQUILAND  is a company dedicated to the manufacture, installation and distribution of playgrounds and leisure items in general. It belongs to the DIMA-Axarquiland Group SL business group that, among other activities, also has a presence in the field of Graphics, Advertising, Gifts and Textiles.


AXARQUILAND ESPACIOS INFANTILES  stands out for its infrastructure and personalized service that includes manufacturing the product with national suppliers, personalized design and direct management with the client. From our warehouse, factory and head office in Lo Cea arriba, 4 (Rincón de la Victoria, 29730) we offer a personalized service. You can make an appointment with us to visit us whenever you want. We will give you a tour of the entire production process and we will prepare a design in our office or through Skype in real time.

Mod. AP071.jpg

Along with the purchase we provide the following documentation to the client:

  1. Structural plans, installation manual and demonstration video

  2. Technical dossier of the park and homologations and certificates

  3. Warranty sheet

  4. Product invoice

  5. Poster of rules of use


The star product is the BALL PARK or GAME STRUCTURE. The ball parks are designed and manufactured following the European modular system (1.23m x 1.23m), used by most companies in the sector, in compliance with the European Standard UNE-EN 1176-1177. These structures are designed from scratch, according to the client's preferences. We have a catalogue that we have been expanding day by day with the personalized proposals that we have been developing during our professional career for our clients.

We have a catalogue containing more 1,000 different models of all sizes, colours, themes and styles. Besides, every day we elaborate around 3-5 new designs that are added to our extensive list of products.

Mod. AP001
Mod. AP020
Mod. AP019
Mod. AP018
Mod. AP017
Mod. AP016
Mod. AP015
Mod. AP014
Mod. AP013
Mod. AP012
Mod. AP011
Mod. AP009
Mod. AP003
Mod. AP001
Mod. AP008
Mod. AP007
Mod. AP006
Mod. AP004
Mod. AP002
Mod. AP005

Commitment and effort so that each customer is satisfied with their purchase.  Come and meet us in person and you will not leave disappointed

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