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MEGAPARKS. Playgrounds over  50 m2

The megaparks are large playgrounds, large slides and large indoor tours, usually three stories high, for large scale businesses in industrial buildings of at least 300 m2. These projects are the most personalized, since the breadth of the game area and the content depends on the client's budget.. We try to design a game space according to your needs and your investment budget. Contact us and we will advise you.



Tell us the following information and we will give you a customized quote:


1- Available measurements: width x length x height

2- Location

3- Business opening date

Along with the purchase we provide the following documentation to the client:

  1. Structural plans, installation manual and demonstration video

  2. Technical dossier of the park and homologations and certificates

  3. Warranty sheet

  4. Product invoice

  5. Poster of rules of use


The star product is the BALL PARK or GAME STRUCTURE. The ball parks are designed and manufactured following the European modular system (1.23m x 1.23m), used by most companies in the sector, in compliance with the European Standard European Standard UNE-EN 1176-1177. These structures are designed from scratch, according to the client's preferences. We have a catalogue that we have been expanding day by day with the personalized proposals that we have been developing during our professional career for our clients.

Commitment and effort so that each customer is satisfied with their purchase. Come and meet us in person and you will not leave disappointed.

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